健身 & 娱乐

Fletcher 健身 Center Summer Hours

  • 从5月13日星期一开始
  • 星期一至星期六上午9点.m. – 9 p.m.
  • 星期天下午1点.m. – 9 p.m.

Summer Brand Swimming 池小时

  • 周一关闭
  • 星期二至星期六:中午12点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 周日:下午1点.m. – 6 p.m.

我们的35000平方米. ft. Dr. 杰西·C. 多萝西·J. Fletcher 健身 Center is available to 教师, 工作人员, 学生, and 校友. 我们的设施特点:

  • Free weights and 健身器材
  • 矩阵设备
  • 室内足球场
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • Pickleball and badminton
  • 高架轨道
  • Outdoor patio and performance lab

Our front desk phone number is 325-671-2208.


我们一直在健身中心寻找优秀的学生工作者. 去 握手 to see our openings and apply!


  • 周一至周四早上6点.m. – 12 a.m.
  • 星期五6点.m. – 9 p.m.
  • 星期六9点.m. – 9 p.m.
  • 星期天下午1点.m. – 9 p.m.


  • 星期一:关闭
  • 星期二至星期五:早上6点.m. – 8 a.m. (绕圈游泳)/12.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 星期六:下午12点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 周日:下午1点.m. – 6 p.m.


  • 星期五:下午三点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 星期六:下午12点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 周日:下午1点.m. – 6 p.m.


  • 星期一至星期六上午9点.m. – 9 p.m.
  • 星期天下午1点.m. – 9 p.m.

会员 Registration

To register for a membership, the patron should come to the HSU 健身 Center front desk and request to start a membership. In addition, the future member should be prepared to have the following documents:

  • 上海外国语大学学生、教职员工身份证
  • 华大校友:有效驾驶执照或法律文件(附照片的身份证件及出生日期证明)
  • HSU Dependent: Proof of age (i.e. driver’s license or birth certificate)
  • HSU Spouse: 驾照

学生、教师、 & 员工会员

Students are assessed a fee, 这些都包含在哈丁·西蒙斯大学的学费发票里. 教师/工作人员 receive a free membership to the facility as part of their benefit package.

一旦教师, 工作人员, and 学生 have signed up for their membership, they will receive a Fusion ID Card. This card must be present to enter and have access to the HSU fitness center


To sign-up for an 校友 membership, 赞助人必须获得哈丁·西蒙斯大学的学位. 校友健身中心和泳池会员价格, please refer to either the 校友 会员 or Brand Swimming Pool 费用 purple tab.

HSU 健身 Center Guest Policy

HSU 健身 Center members may sponsor a guest following the requirements listed below:

  • 所有 members must show their Fusion ID
  • Guest must be present with a photo ID and DOB
  • Guest must be 18 years of age or older
  • Guest pass is only valid for the issued
  • 教职员工和学生每次访问最多可带2位客人. 每次收费$3(2019年6月1日起生效). 所有 payments must be made at the front desk by credit card, cash will 不 be accepted.
  • 非会员每学期只能参观三次HSU UREC设施
  • Members must complete a UREC waiver
  • 会员在整个参观期间必须由赞助人陪同.
  • Members may use the basketball courts, 健身器材, 室内的地盘, 高架轨道, 室外游泳池
  • HSU member may rent spaces and reserve equipment for their guest according to the. UREC租赁政策(请注意,设备或空间的任何损坏由HSU UREC成员承担全部责任)
  • Guests of Members may 不 participate in campus recreation programs such as 校内的运动, 俱乐部体育, 个人培训, group exercise or any other additional activities provided by the university


欢迎本校教职员携家人出席, 包括儿童在家庭周末时间免费. 请参阅家庭设施时间下列出的家庭时间.

欢迎校友为其家庭成员购买健身中心或泳池会籍. 请按“校友会籍”或“品牌泳池收费”紫色标签,以阅览会籍价格及家庭成员的其他资料.

欢迎学生为其家庭成员购买健身中心或游泳池会员资格. 请按“校友会籍”或“品牌泳池收费”紫色标签,以阅览会籍价格及家庭成员的其他资料.

**Please 不e the number of dependencies vary for fitness center and 池 membership packaging.

所有 family memberships for the Fletcher 健身 Center and Pool will need to provide 抚养证明!

合资格成为会员的家庭包括与申请人同住一户的配偶及受养人 同一永久地址. In addition, dependents/children are eligible for membership if over the age of 25.

家庭 must provide an 更新 具有相同永久住址的身份证明文件,以便核实.

Forms of Identification include:

  • 出生证明
  • 学校成绩单
  • 驾照
  • Adoption Papers (if eligible)

For further questions, please contact the Fletcher 健身 Center Front Desk at (325) 671-2208.

家庭必须遵守所有的客人政策/规则. Please refer to HSU 健身 Center Guest Policy

Children 17 and Younger 

  • Must always be supervised by their sponsor
  • Can不 have access to the free weights and 健身器材 due to safety reasons

Termination/ Suspension of 会员

  • 学校行政部门有权终止任何员工认为制造不安全环境的活跃会员资格:
    • Inappropriate supervising of a dependent
    • Inappropriate behaviors (language, actions)
  • The HSU fitness center 工作人员 will have the discretion to determine if attire is appropriate.
  • 没有牛仔裤, 牛仔短裤, cargo pants or clothing with metal pieces and accessories that could damage upholstery.
  • 没有被认可的运动服装覆盖的氨纶短裤或运动胸罩的顶部或底部,包括:
    • Cut-off shirts, sport bras and crop tops.
  • No open-toe or slip-on shoes.
  • 衬衫和背心必须1)穿着,2)覆盖整个躯干.e.(胸部、腹部).

弗莱彻健身中心的正门提供插图,以帮助您确定哪些衬衫/上衣可以穿,哪些不能穿. NOGO包括任何比所描绘的改变更多和/或显示更多躯干的服装.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Thank you so much for your continued patronage of the Fletcher 健身 Center.  As Hardin-Simmons 校友, it has been our privilege to serve your fitness health over the last three years.

我们希望您能够享受您的免费入门会员资格,以此来了解我们中心所提供的所有好处, 包括室内跑道, 健身器材, weight training equipment, pickleball and badminton, 池, 团体健身班, 和更多的.

随着对人员和资源需求的增加, 我们将从2022年开始向收费会员制过渡.  我们意识到这将是一个变化,感谢您的支持,以便我们能够继续为所有客人提供这个令人惊叹的校园设施.  我们一直非常努力地保持会员费用负担得起,并与其他地区的健身房竞争.

A couple of exciting additions, 我们将提供家庭会员通行证和折扣延长会员和游泳池组合会员的选择.

健身 会员 费用:

  • 1 Month Individual 会员  $35
  • 4 Month Individual 会员  $100
  • 12 Month Individual 会员  $240
  • 12个月家庭会籍$480(含会员), 配偶, and up to two dependents age 25 and under)

Complete Details are in this flyer.

You may begin to purchase memberships starting January 3 at our front desk.  1月10日生效, 2022, 任何进入健身房的人都必须在进入健身房之前出示会员证明.  我们希望这个过渡尽可能的顺利.  如果你有任何问题,请打(325)671-2208找我.

  • The 健身 Center is limited to HSU 学生, 教师, 工作人员, 校友, 以及, their families and guests.
  • 在前台用您的UREC批准的身份证件办理入住手续.
  • 你必须年满18岁才能在没有监督的情况下参加.
  • 健身中心不允许携带食物、烟草和口香糖.
  • Water bottles beyond the front desk must be in a non-glass container with a resealable lid.
  • 除导游或服务动物外,禁止携带宠物入内.
  • 你不能把私人物品放在地板上. You must store all personal items in a day locker located in the locker rooms. HSU is 不 responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • 所有出租的器材必须在离开健身中心前归还给前台.
  • 健身中心工作人员保留随时要求不适当行为或违反健身中心规定的人离开的权利.
  • 所有顾客必须:
    • Wear appropriate workout clothes
    • 穿一件紧身衬衫
    • Wear closed-toe running shoes

Thank you for your cooperation!

Swimming Pool 会员 费用

  • 1-Day Pool or Guest Pass: $3.00
  • Single Monthly Pool Pass: $25.00
  • 校友 and Student Family Monthly Pool Pass: $75.00
  • 校友和学生家庭夏季/秋季学期通行证:225美元.00


  • 星期一:关闭
  • 星期二至星期五:早上6点.m. – 8 a.m. (绕圈游泳)/12.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 星期六:下午12点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 周日:下午1点.m. – 6 p.m.


  • 星期五:下午三点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 星期六:下午12点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 周日:下午1点.m. – 6 p.m.


  • 星期二至星期六:中午12点.m. – 6 p.m.
  • 周日:下午1点.m. – 6 p.m.

Learn to Swim and Lifeguarding

For questions about Lifeguarding Certifications or the HSU Learn to Swim Program, please contact Dr. 科里·里德 swim@iphonesale.net 或访问 http://hsuswim.wordpress.com/lifeguard-certification/


Pool Party Policies and 规定

  • 泳池派对的预订时间从下午6:30开始.m.- 10:30 p.m. 星期二至星期日.
  • 所有付款必须以信用卡支付,恕不接受现金.
  • 全额付款应在预订泳池派对时支付. 在收到付款之前,不保证预订日期和时间. 
  • 所有参加派对的人必须从健身中心入口进入,并签署一份弃权书才能进入泳池区.
  • 所有顾客必须提前两周预约.
  • Pool parties can不 exceed the allotted number of people for that 池 party reservation. 重要的是要注意这包括游泳者和非游泳者. 如果泳池派对超过最大预订人数,所有额外的顾客将不被允许进入泳池区域. Patrons may be asked to wait up at the front desk until patrons leave the 池 party.
  • UREC不允许在同一个晚上重复预订泳池派对.
  • 所有泳池派对预订在提交和付款时最终确定. 一旦您的预订被提交,您不能更改您的泳池派对预订的人数或时间. 这也包括您预订泳池派对的那天. To cancel your 池 party reservation please review the cancellation and refund policy below.
  • 请在预订泳池派对后检查您的电子邮件. 如果您没有收到带有收据的确认电子邮件,请致电前台,以确保您的付款已通过,您的聚会已预订.
  • UREC不允许预订超过75人的泳池派对.


2-Hour Time Slot- Pricing

  • 1-25人125美元
  • 26-50人150美元
  • 51-75人200美元

4-Hour Time Slot -Pricing

  • 1-25人250美元
  • 26-50人300美元
  • 51-75人350美元

取消 & 退款政策

Pool parties must be canceled 10 days prior to reservation date for FULL refund.


Full charge for 池 party cancellation less than 48 hours before scheduled 池 party.

Weather Policy for 泳池派对

If members show up for their reserved 池 party, they’re 不 eligible for a refund or reschedule.

If members choose to cancel prior to party start time due to projected weather conditions, they’re eligible for reschedule but no refund. Reschedules will depend on availability.

General Rules and 规定

  1. 未满18岁的儿童必须由18岁或以上负责任的成年人陪同.
  2. 所有 池 patrons must be attired in a swimsuit. 不允许穿短裤、其他临时泳衣或比基尼. 游泳区禁止穿便装和水色鞋.
  3. 所有参加派对的人必须从健身中心入口进入,并签署一份弃权书才能进入游泳池.
  4. 所有 guest patrons must enter through the fitness center entrance and pay a $3 fee. Please 不e an HSU sponsor can only bring 两位客人 每次泳池访问. Card is only accepted, no other form of payment.
  5. 由于以下任何原因,泳池可能会被拒绝入场:
  6. Intoxication or under the influence of drugs.
  7. Evidence of contagious disease.
  8. 伤口或溃疡.
  9. 设施主管有权要求任何人在进入泳池前先淋浴.
  10. 不允许使用辱骂或亵渎的语言.
  11. Any form of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or drugs are 不 permitted in or near the 池.
  12. Chewing gum is 不 permitted in the 池 area.
  13. 食物和饮料必须限制在有草或阴凉的地方.
  14. No sunbathing on the deck. Grassy areas and chairs are available.
  15. 禁止将玻璃瓶或药品带入泳池内.
  16. 不允许在泳池区或甲板上打闹.
  17. 泳池区围栏内禁止跑步.
  18. Flips, turns, and twist, are 不 permitted anywhere and diving is 不 allowed in shallow water areas.
  19. 游泳者必须远离泳道绳索、安全线和救生员站.
  20. Loitering will 不 be permitted adjacent to the 池 entrance or cashier’s window.
  21. Normal diapers are 不 allowed, only “swim diapers” are permitted in the 池.
  22. Employees only are permitted in the office, filter areas, mechanical rooms and storage areas.
  23. 顾客不允许使用办公室电话.
  24. 只有你.S. 海岸警卫队批准的漂浮设备可以在泳池区域使用.
  25. Animals are 不 allowed inside the 池 area, except for those assisting the handicapped.
  26. 游泳者除非能通过以下游泳测试,否则不得在超过肩深的水域游泳.
  27. 展示游泳时的呼吸能力.
  28. 如果有人违反泳池规则或有任何影响泳池安全有序运行的行为,设施主管可以将其驱逐出泳池区域.
  29. There will be a 10-minute break each hour.



  1. Guest must be present with a photo ID and DOB
  2. 所有 guest patrons must enter through the fitness center entrance and pay a $3 fee. Card is only accepted, no other form of payment
  3. 教师, 工作人员, 学生, 校友 and approved HSU 配偶s/dependents (over 18) may bring up to 2 guests per visit. Guests will be charged $3 per visit. 所有 payments must be made at the front desk by credit card, cash will 不 be accepted
    1. Non-members (guest) are NOT limited to the number of times they can come to the 池
  4. Guest pass is only valid for the issued day
  5. HSU affiliated members must be accompanied by their sponsor during the entire visit
    1. 附属人员包括:教师, 工作人员, 校友, 学生 and HSU 配偶/dependents.


  • 如果室外温度低于45度(风寒或温度),那么游泳池将关闭一天.
  • 如果在泳池方圆八英里内发现闪电, 所有人将被要求撤离泳池30分钟.



This test is used to allow a swimmer access to the deep end and diving boards. If the swimmer fails, they are 不 allowed in the deep end or diving boards.

When administering the test, 如果他们需要帮助,一名警卫将进入水中并游到附近. Any assistance is an automatic fail.

To pass, the patron must:

  • 跳入水中,在水面上保持水平.
  • 不要接触墙壁或任何支撑物,踩水30秒.
  • 能够在没有帮助的情况下游到深水的另一边.
  • Demonstrate breath control—the ability to pick up or turn the head to get a breath while swimming.
  • Exit the water independently; without using the ladder.

Once completed, if the swimmer passes, they will be allowed to swim in the deep end.  如果游泳者失败了,他们需要戴上腕带.


A swim test must be conducted once a summer until the child is over the age of 12.

**Swimmers are given one chance that day. If they do 不 pass, they can come in a不her day to attempt the swim test again.**

Locker Rental and Renewal
教师, 工作人员, 校友, and 学生 may rent a locker by the appropriate semester. 您可以在最初列出的日期租用您的储物柜,所有物品必须在到期日前清空.

所有 semester lockers are $10.

  • To reserve your locker, stop by the front desk.
  • 提供锁
  • 租金采用“先到先得”的原则。
  • Lockers are 不 transferable
  • 新: 华大UREC现在提供洗澡用毛巾服务. For $20 per term, you can check out a bath towel. When you’re ready to leave, drop your towel in the towel dispenser and get a new one each time you come.

To foster lifelong learning and wellness, 首先为学生提供康乐服务,促进他们的身心发展,以促进他们的记忆力, 以及 the university community.


1. 提供课外项目和服务,在安全和多样化的环境中提高学生的成功.
2. 改善校园社区的健康状况.
3. 发展和完善校园娱乐设施.
4. 为目标人群制定外展计划.
5. 提高UREC员工的知识和专业发展.
6. Manage fiscal resources in a responsible manner

有效地履行其使命和实现其目标, the University 娱乐 (UREC) provides, within the scope of its resources, 以下几点:

  • 各种合作和竞争活动的机会,将有助于个人的身体健康;
  • 获得高质量,现代和现代化的设施和项目;
  • A variety of programming including the major areas of informal/drop-in recreation, 水上运动, 校内的运动, 体育运动俱乐部, 户外休闲, 和健身;
  • Coordination of the scheduling of events, 推广活动及维修校园康乐设施,以善用设施,更好地服务校园社区;
  • 培养学生的领导能力, 管理, program planning and communication skills;
  • Extracurricular opportunities through participation and leadership roles designed to enhance social, psychological and physiological development.